International Auction School
241 Greenfield Road (Route 5)
 South Deerfield, MA 01373

Are you thinking of becoming an auctioneer? The auction profession is the greatest of them all. It is a most honorable profession and we hope to put the auction profession on a higher plane by training you to become a successful auctioneer.

An advantage of our Auction School is that you have seven days of intense study with high caliber auction professionals – all nationally known. These instructors can instill more confidence and enthusiasm in yourself. They will help you develop your own style to be more powerful and effective rather than try to mimic the style of another auctioneer. Besides being taught how to be a good bid caller, you will learn good salesmanship and the knowledge of values which are most essential. We will bring you in touch with Computer Technology of the future, and tried and true selling methods of the past.

Auction means action, and action means business. Our instructors will show you how to use auction psychology to create action and build business. Being a professional auctioneer requires a firm foundation in the fundamentals of the auction method of selling. Our auction school, with its crop of outstanding auctioneers, can give you the necessary fundamentals.

The International Auction School abides by the Code of Ethics of the National Auctioneers Association and cooperates fully with its continuing education program, leading to the advancement of the auction profession.
Phone: 413-665-2877